Mountain Testimonials

“William Carney’s new poem, Mountain, An Evolutionary Epic, is a major event—James Joyce teams up with Albert Einstein. The stunning details of cosmic evolution are rendered in powerful poetry, and the impacts of these discoveries are explored in a rich array of modern sensibilities. There is simply nothing like this anywhere in the world of contemporary literature.”

–Brian Thomas Swimme, Professor of Evolutionary Cosmology,
California Institute of Integral Studies, Author of Journey of the Universe.

“William Carney weaves the story of our 13.8 billion year evolutionary history with fire and passion. Mountain provides a perfect blend of poetry and science, information and inspiration, the personal and the planetary. To read it is to begin to awaken to the rich currents of creativity that course through us and the Universe, and that are so desperately needed at this precise moment in space and time.”

–Mary Reynolds Thompson, Author, Embrace Your Inner Wild

“What a work of art Mountain is–huge in its effect! Very emotional and exciting. The word pictures are incredible, and the language so surprising. It is totally absorbing. I feel like I could read it a hundred times and get more out of it each time–kind of like Rumi.”

–Rev. Pat Palmer, Youth & Family Programs, Unity in Marin